Senior Full Stack Developer

Location: Cordoba, Argentina

Avalibility: full-time


0-2 years

Machine Learning

2-5 years


5-9 years



Eduardo Rodriguez is a Senior Full Stack Developer and Systems Architect with more than ten years of experience in software development. During his professional career, he has worked for many US-based companies designing and building several systems at both the Enterprise and Startup level. In addition, Eduardo has held management responsibilities, including leading the project’s delivery team, reporting on team progress and performance, and serving as primary contact for client communication. Aside from this, he has been always working and developing side by side with the development team. For a few years, he has been working on the projects of a cryptocurrency company where he worked on a project intended for tracking Bitcoin transactions movements and blockchain wallet balances. He demonstrated to be very interested in this field that allowed him to acquire new knowledge. Furthermore, Eduardo has participated in many high-performance applications developments in the backend side and using Node.Js and spring boot-microservices. Throughout his experience at Expedia, he was responsible for building from the ground-up a complete REST API in Node.Js and Express framework. He was also in charge of the creation of several microservices for different companies using Python as the primary language. For example, when he was working at Orbitz, he developed many microservices related to text translations, recommendations motor based on structured information and hotel reviews, among others. In addition, he has also worked with credit card companies and payment systems and has acquired a deep knowledge of most of the main relational databases. Regarding Web Development, he started using Angular many years ago and for the past two years, he has been working with REACT for Hackathons projects. Besides, he has been using REACT for his own developments. Eduardo is a reliable and diligent person who is eager to participate in technically complex projects and would be an invaluable asset to any project’s team



April 2016 - Current

Product Owner & Full stack Developer

PROJECT: Compliance V2 

Part of Xapo Blockchain Initiative, Eduardo is in charge of adapting existing compliance onboarding flows to be compatible with Xapo new internal blockchain technology infrastructure, Designing the required integrations, event messages, and data collectors, for the successful execution of contracts, and allowing full audit of information applying local nation rules for monetary exchanges.


    Product Owner & Full stack DEVELOPER

    PROJECT: Madiba 

    Xapo is a Hong Kong-based company that provides a bitcoin wallet combined with a cold storage vault and a bitcoin-based debit card. One of the projects in which he has been involved is Madiba. Eduardo performed as the Architect in charge of the project, intended for tracking Bitcoin transactions movements and blockchain wallet balances, and the corresponding Fiat/Cryptocurrency operation. Enhanced by machine learning techniques allows automatic and accurate audit in order for latter usage in AML rules or investment strategies.


      FullStack Developer

      PROJECT: Seattle In Progress 

      During this project, Eduardo performed as a FullStack Developer in a real Estate tracking strategic application that uses maps to present gathered information from different sources for acquiring properties, and creating real estate projects.


        Team Leader & Full Stack Developer


        AceView’s project is a software solution that manages the Ace Group Insurance business domain. This solution, which has a user-friendly interface built on the Vega Unity framework, also has a backend logic developed by a combination of JAVA Web Services and Ext.js custom components. This backend provides advanced client-side behavior and workflow capabilities using the IBM case manager and IBM Filenet object store for content management. As Team Leader at AccelOne, Eduardo makes sure that all team members have a clear understanding of their tasks, promotes teamwork, escalates issues to management, conducts code & peer reviews and ensures fluent communication with both the client and AccelOne management. On top of this, he also performs a daily task dependency alignment check in order to ensure that the team is going to reach target milestones, which releases the burden from the client’s Technical Leader and enables him to handle a higher level of tasks.



          September 2014 - April 2016



          Expedia Inc. is a global traveling agency for which Eduardo leads very interesting projects. He directed a thirteen-member team and was in charge of growing Expedia Activities catalogue. Some of his tasks included: project architecture, code reviews, troubleshooting and direct contact with the client. Eduardo was responsible for technologies choices and its later execution. This platform involved a two billion USD funding and for that matter, it was extremely relevant to the company. One of the projects he was involved in was the development of a new tool “lodging activities lx-pc admin” that manages the places and activities onboarding from suppliers, allowing the introduction and updates of activities with offers, pricing information, schedules, availability, media upload, and third-party service adapters configuration details. For this he needed to build several service Api in Node.js and Express.Js framework , aside from login and proxy for other services. He was also responsible for the configuration to serve dynamic and static content and regarding DDBB, apart from mongodb we had to call several internal api’s from Node.Js. In order to make the application easy to use, considering the amount of data to load, he decided to build the UI on Angular.Js and he developed several connectors using Python for downloading information from their different suppliers as well as for managing files for images downloading. Last but not least, he built the proper docker container setup and released to AWS. This application went live and it is currently used by Expedia partners, replacing the excel files and old import scripts.

            JavaGroovyJavaScriptAngularjsNodejsExpressjsPythonspring bootDockerMySQLOracleIBM DB2


            As an Orbitz Worldwide contractor, Eduardo took part in this project by handling destination reviews creation and the structured reviews display. For this matter, he developed several microservices using Python technologies for creating a properties dynamic order and for creating a recommendations motor for users based on structured information and hotel’s reviews. He was also in charge of the creation of a Rest interface that handled the communication of Marathon deployment plugins and apache mesos. This system allowed the company to organized the pipeline of continues deliveries. In addition to this, he got engaged in architectural design and feature team leading on User Generated Content, a project that mainly collected user data, processes it and determined the best way to apply this information to boost sales.

              JavaGroovyCucumberHadoopDockerCouchbaseCassandraJsonspring bootHibernateMatLabPython

              VATES S.A.

              December 2012 - September 2014


              PROJECT: MOTOROLA 

              At Motorola Mobility, Eduardo dealt with Motorola Medios Merchandizer project which consisted of a Medios solution component that enabled custom infinite catalogue marketing ranging from video, music, games to applications across multiple screens. Additionally, an intelligent recommendation engine had been programmed based on user preferences from a prior transaction history. Furthermore, he improved an advertisement webpage based on onmichannel platform using Django for allowing the company to choose the show and the audience for targeting purposes. Some technologies included Spring Services, with a modular and pluggable architecture, applying a TDD approach, and handling data with a custom in-memory catalogue for all node relations processes.

                JavaExtjsJSPJenkinsJUnitMockitoIBM WebsphereSpringKibanaJerseyDjango

                AYI & ASSOCIATES

                February 2008 - November 2012

                AYI & ASSOCIATES

                PROJECT: AYI & ASSOCIATES 

                Through this experience, Eduardo participated in the architectural design, software appliances implementations, and integration solutions for different enterprises and business domains. Some clients he worked with include Tarjeta Nevada, Tarjeta Cuyana, Tarjeta Naranja, Banco Macro, Directv, Prosegur and La Caja Insurance. Last but not least, Eduardo was primarily involved with team leading and coaching for fast and high quality software delivery.





                  Machine Learning

                  Coursera - Stanford University


                  The Complete REACT Native and Redux Course


                  teaching experience

                  AYI & ASSOCIATES


                  WHAT CLIENTS SAY

                  Eduardo is a top notch programmer. His knowledge is stunning, always willing to help others solve problems and improve good practices. I strongly recommend him; he is a great asset for any team.


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                  I have worked with Eduardo during three years. He is an outstanding professional with a huge and extensive knowledge of Oracle technologies. He combines this professional quality work with an attitude committed and professionally impeccable. Definitely recommend it for any task in the software development and teamwork.


                  Eduardo is a responsible and practical person for problem-solving, who is eager to work in teams in order to accomplish goals.


                  Eduardo is a highly-qualified and committed person, with strong technical knowledge. He is a great work mate and it’s been a pleasure to work with him.


                  Eduardo is a brilliant and extremely efficient professional who can code really fast and also learn and acquire new technologies. His position as Technical Team Leader was more than deserved since he assisted us with his advice and expertise.


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