Senior Software Engineer

Location: Santa Fe, Argentina

Avalibility: full-time


0-2 years


2-5 years

SeoJ2EEVPNHandlebarsJavaVagrantStrutsSwingDebianDrupalACFWoocommerceApache solRRESTful API

5-9 years

PostgreSQLSpringMavenApacheSpring MVCTomcatUbuntuWordPressJoomlaSpring MVCHibernateOracleStruts

10+ years



Fernando is a Senior PHP Developer with more than twelve years of experience in the IT Industry and a wide background in multiple technologies including PHP, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring, Node.js, React.js, Express, JAVA, among others. Throughout his professional career, he has been involved in many business process analysis and software development solutions, for different local and international clients from different industries such as food, government, educational, sports, marketing, and real estate, among others. To say more, he has experience helping to create and implement the SEO strategy for some of his clients and he also has experience performing different roles such as Full Stack Developer, Coach, and Technical Lead. Regarding his academic background, Fernando holds a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree in Computing Engineering. Last but not least, we would like to highlight that Fernando has proved to be a great professional with excellent communications abilities and always seeking excellence through his works.



May 2013 - Current

Software Engineer

PROJECT: GLA "gla.academy/"

Throughout his experience as an independent Contractor, Fernando has been involved in the development from scratch and maintenance of almost 100 projects, from small websites to complex applications. One of the projects in which he was involved was for GLA, The Global Leadership Academy, an online employee discovery program for new and emerging talent (co-op students, interns, and new grads). This project was about the development from scratch of the company main website.

  • https://itec-elmolino.edu.ar
  • http://smartyearsapps.com/
  • http:// automateexcel.com/
  • https://ricksmotorsportelectrics.com/
  • https://www.heytiffany.com/
  • http://iymto.com/
  • https://www.bandfps.com/
  • https://lieders.com/
  • https://lapesach.com/
  • http://sourceable.net/
  • http://cgmpdoc.com/

PHPWordPressWoocommerceACFJavaScriptJqueryRESTful APIMySQLApacheCSSHTMLNodejsVagrantReact

United Virtualities Consulting Agency

September 2018 - Current

Software Engineer


United Virtualities is a Software Factory from New York. Throughout his experience working at this company, Fernando has been involved in the maintenance and bug fixing of several websites of some of the company’s clients. Example of the latter is the website of GCSG, a Global Clinical Supplies Group. Another one was for The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), a trade organization that supports and promotes the creative and financial vitality of the major music companies. Moreover, in both projects, he helped on the development of new features such as a new section for users with special membership.

  • https://mygcsg.com/
  • https://riaa.com

PHPWordPressACFJavaScriptJqueryRESTful APIMySQLApacheCSSHTML

HeadsUp Results Marketing Agency

2013 - Current

Software Engineer

PROJECT: Several Projects 

HeadsUp Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Atlanta, GA. Throughout his experience working for this Marketing company, Fernando has been performing as the main Developer, reporting to the project manager and final clients. He has been involved in the business process analysis and the development to gather requirements for developing more than 30 websites and web applications varying from simple to complex requirements.

  • http://atl.setptusa.com
  • https://dc.setptusa.com
  • http://va.setptusa.com
  • https://poweritny.com/
  • https://scottdelongsauto.com/
  • http://headsupresults.com
  • https://piag.org/
  • http://dentistryateastpiedmont.com
  • https://georgiadance.com/
  • https://innvision.net/
  • https://innvisiondesign.net/
  • https://keyringinc.com/
  • https://lagominteriors.com/
  • http://renuesystemsga.com/
  • https://rsgoldringinc.com/
  • https://salonclassicautosmith.com/
  • http://salonzahra.com
  • https://shackfordsaxon.com/
  • https://xtremecoatingtechnologies.com/

PHPWordPressJavaScriptJqueryRESTful APIMySQLApacheLinuxUbuntuCSS


2013 - Current

Software Engineer

PROJECT: Psychicbea "psychicbea.com/"

Psychic Queen Isis is a South Florida's fortune teller, psychic entertainer, astrologist, tarot card reader, and numerologist. During this experience, Fernando was hired for the development and implementation from scratch of the website of this firm. Besides, he helped out with the development and implementation of the SEO strategy in order to optimize the searches of their website. Nowadays, he continues working on this project, on the maintenance of it.


    NV Design and Marketing

    2013 - Current

    Software Engineer

    PROJECT: Several Projects 

    NV Design and Marketing is an Oklahoma web design firm and inclusive creative branding agency. At this company, Fernando was involved in the development from scratch and implementation of the main website of the company and more than 50 websites for different clients from different industries, such as food, institutional, sports, and realty, among others. The projects were based on Joomla CMS, varying from simple websites to complex e-commerce stores.

    • https://nvdesignandmarketing.com/
    • https://thunderteamrealty.com/
    • http://hispaint.com/
    • https://qbimpact.com/
    • https://mariaraes.com/
    • https://aspenservesyou.com/
    • http://callcomfortconcepts.com/
    • http://cambridgecommercialproperties.com/
    • https://wecleanoklahoma.com/
    • http://leoenergypartners.com/
    • https://okav.co/



    2013 - 2014

    Software Engineer

    PROJECT: Private Projects 

    Ideas, Innovation, and Technology (l2T) is a company focused to provide consultancy services from the design to the support of technology-related projects that involve different technologies and complexities. During his work at this firm, Fernando was responsible for mentoring, coaching and providing technical guidance to the development team in Joomla and web development. Also, he performed as the Technical Leader on the development of a complex e-commerce platform.



      2013 - 2013

      Software Engineer

      PROJECT: Morgues Application 

      VertiQ is a provider of software and services for Coroners and Medical Examiners. The project in which Fernando was involved, had to do with the development from scratch and maintenance of an application made for the morgues in the California counties based on PHP4 and MySQL.



        2009 - 2013

        Software Engineer

        PROJECT: My Perfect Color "www.myperfectcolor.com/"

        From 2009 to 2013, Fernando worked at SERFE, a company established in Argentina that provides consulting and development services in information technology oriented to the Internet. Throughout his time working at this organization, he was part of many developments, implementation, and maintenance projects. Example of the latter was the project “ MyPerfectColor”. Throughout this undergoing, Fernando was involved in the requirements analysis, planning and implementation of the store online with social network functionalities, shopping cart, incorporation of media electronic payment (VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS cards). Besides, he contributed with the searches optimized through Apache SolR, the development of the user registration, the web administration interface and the configuration of taxes and methods of shipping merchandise through USPS and Fedex. To say more, he helped on the reduction of the site loading times by implementing pre-stored content (CACHE of disk), among other functionalities.

          PHPWordPressmemcachedXMLJavaScriptCSSHTMLApache solR

          PROJECT: JReserv 

          Another project in which he took part was "JReserv", a hotel reservation system online. This development was from scratch and was implemented as a Web application. During this experience, he performed as one of the main Developers and Testers.


            PROJECT: IAPOP 

            IAPOP project was about the development of an international multi-language psychology institutional site. The platform was already developed but presented some glitches that had to be correct. Hence, Fernando helped out with the development from scratch of it with PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and WPML as the main technologies. During his time working at this project, he performed as one of the main developers and the Project Leader.


              PROJECT: Services for Latinos 

              Another project in which he was involved was "Services for Latinos". This undertaking was about the development of a platform destined for Latinos who are based in the US. The main goal of the site was to help them to find a job by providing job offers, contacts, and notices, among other things.


                PROJECT: Guillermo Cañas’ Website 

                Fernando also helped out on the development from the start of a website for the famous Argentinian tennis player, Guillermo Cañas. This platform main goal was to promote this athlete's institutional academy website with the main propose to prepare highly competitive tennis players.


                  PROJECT: More Projects 

                  Fernando was also part of many other development and implementation projects. Example of the latter was the development from scratch of MueblesdeMaderayJardin website, which exhibits and sale wood furniture. He also helped out with the search engine optimization (SEO) of this platform. Another project was "Ezeiza", which was about the development from the start of a general interest website about yoga, martial arts, meditation, and Buddhism. Others developments were the "Stanford Siver" and "Event Registration Manager" platforms. Both projects were about the development from the beginning of multi-language institutional sites with PHP, MySQL and WordPress Framework as the main technologies. On the other hand, Fernando also helped out with the bug fixing and maintenance of some websites such as "Free Time Company", a hotel reservation and bungalow site. A further one was "Generic Domains", a website devoted to the commercialization of domains on the Internet.

                  • https://freetimecompany.nl/
                  • http://www.mueblesdemaderayjardin.com/


                  Ministry of Education of Santa Fe Province

                  2009 - 2010

                  Web Engineer

                  PROJECT: Internal Projects 

                  From 2009 to 2010, Fernando worked for the Education Ministry from the Santa Fe province. Some of his main tasks along this labor were the requirements analysis, planning, development, implementation, and maintenance of the education and tourism sub-portals.

                  • https://www.santafe.gob.ar/educacion/
                  • https://www.santafe.gob.ar/ms/turismo/



                  2008 - 2009

                  Software Engineer

                  PROJECT: OSDE 

                  Throughout his experience working at NEORIS, the global Digital Transformation and Solution integration firm, Fernando was involved in a project for OSDE, one of the main private medical care services companies from Argentina. This project was about the development and implementation of an application for managing the expenses of this company. The application was already developed but had some glitches that had to be correct. Hence, Fernando was hired to help out with the development from scratch of it.


                    Software Santa Fe S.A.

                    2007 - 2008

                    Software Engineer / Tester

                    PROJECT: Red Sport S.A. 

                    During this professional experience, Fernando was part of a project for Red Sport S. A., a national network of sports clothing stores. His main responsibility had to do with the Implementation of sales module and the connection for points of sales.

                      JavaSwingJ2EEPostgreSQLSpringSpring MVCHibernateMavenTomcatCSSHTMLJavaScriptJquery


                      2005 - 2007


                      PROJECT: Internal Applications 

                      One of his first experience in the IT Industry was for the National University from the Santa Fe province, Argentina. From 2005 to 2007 Fernando helped out with the development of some internal applications in LAMP environments with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, among other technologies.





                        Computing Engineering

                        National University of the Litoral (UNL)

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                        When it comes to virtual services we don't know exactly who is the provider, Therefore, from my recent personal experience, I will highly recommend Fernando for his knowledge, accountability and great personal values. Bea Kobran

                        Bea Kobran/ CEO/ Psychic Bea

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