Sr. QA Engineer

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Avalibility: full-time


0-2 years


2-5 years

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Marina is an information systems engineer with almost ten years of experience in the Technological Industry. She has performed as a QA Engineer in important companies, such as Globant and Despegar where she had the opportunity to pass on her knowledge. During Marina's experience, she worked with Manual Testing and Automation Testing, for example, Cucumber and Selenium. Right now, in AccelOne she is working on two projects, one of them is dedicated to creating a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency, and the other one is about an e-shop platform. Last but not least, we want to highlight that Marina has an advanced English level and that she is a very detail-oriented person.



November 2019 - Current

Sr. QA Engineer

PROJECT: Wisely 

Marina is working on this project as Sr. QA Engineer. The project is based on an application that aims to develop a better experience for the customer when buying something through the e-shop platform. For example, it gives suggestions about a new product, that way, the customer can know the pros and the cons of the product.


    PROJECT: Lattice 

    This project is a private services platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency coins between banks and exchangers. In this project, Marina is also working as a Senior QA Engineer being in charge of the automation testing of the project.



      October 2018 - November 2019

      Sr QA Engineer and Automation Lead

      PROJECT: Microbiome Project 

      uBiome was a biotechnology company based in San Francisco that has developed a technology to sequence the human microbiomes. In this opportunity, Marina was the leader of her group performing as a QA Engineer. During this experience, she was involved in the development of the platform that sold clinical products such as microbiomes analysis. This platform also allowed clients and certified laboratories to get the results of the analysis

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        Sr. QA Engineer

        PROJECT: Ubiome Project 

        Marina began her working experience at Ubiome as a Sr. QA Engineer and during her passage in this company, she worked on internal company projects for the Billing sector. This platform helped with the billing and interaction of the American insurers and the company.

          MySQLSQL ServerPostgreSQLCucumberSelenium


          December 2012 - October 2018

          Sr QA Analyst

          PROJECT: Despegar Proyect 

          Despegar is the leading online travel company in Latin America. During her experience working at Despegar, she performed as Sr. QA Analyst and she was involved in two important projects. The first one was a platform where the company displayed two different kinds of packages. This one was called “Closed” because the flights and the hotel were already selected. The second kind of packages was called “Open” and that meant that the client could choose the flight and the hotel separately

            SQL ServerSeleniumCucumberRuby

            PROJECT: Despegar Project 

            Marina started this project from the beginning and is a platform that searches the best prices and routes for customers. When the client selects a destination, the platform delivers which buses are cheaper and which route is better to get to the destination faster.

              SQL ServerSeleniumCucumberRuby


              September 2011 - December 2012

              Ssr. QA Analyst

              PROJECT: Disney Parks 

              Globant is an Argentinian IT and Software Development company. Marina performed as Ssr. QA Analyst and, she was in charge of developing a platform for Disney’s parks that allows customers to create their family profile. It also shows pop-up notifications to remind things to the clients about the parks.

                Manual Testing


                November 2010 - September 2011

                QA Analyst

                PROJECT: Claro Project 

                VMN+ provides local and nearshoring software development teams. The first project that Marina was involved in was for Claro, and it was an internal platform, implemented in Sharepoint, to share information between agencies.

                  Manual Testing

                  PROJECT: Planexware 

                  In this project, Marina and her group were in charge of the migration of a platform developed in Sugar CRM to a new one and the implementation of new modules with workflows

                    Manual Testing

                    PROJECT: Exolgan 

                    It is a project about containers and loads terminals at the port. The team worked in a port system that delivered information about the loaded containers and completed XLS files in an automated way with that information.

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